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Danish Soapery

Saew Danish Soapery

Est. 2018

diis gut nä

Message from the soapman

Husum, 12.07.2022

Juhuu everyone, 

Saew is FLYING and I am really busy meanwhile I want to optimize many things. 

There are alot of projects on the table, like new layouts, liquid soap, balsamoils, rebuilding in the shop, shaving soap, English / German translation, and so on... Everything will come - It just takes time. 

Saew Danish Soapery is a 1-man project which was founded the 1st. of October 2018 in Hamburg and later opened its first manufaktur + shop in Husum the 1st. of July 2021.  

I want to thank everyone for your amazing feedback and support and for making this such an amazing adventure. It makes me very happy when you are very happy with your soaps. 

I want to remind everyone that all products have a 100% guarantee so that if you feel somehow unhappy with a product from me (no matter when you bought it), I welcome you to contact me here.  

I love reading your sweet messages and I am currently a bit overloaded in the email department... but I will write everyone back! 

The webshop works!! ..It is just a bit of a mess for a while.. You can also just write me the order on a mail.

Meanwhile the most important thing is that the Husum shop is open everyday so you can always come by for a soap and a coffee :)

Enjoy the Summer!  

Dag Seifenmann 

Online Ordering &  Shipping

I currently use DHL for everything. Times always vary, please contact me if you haven't received your order within reasonable time.

Free delivery for all of Germany

Cost of delivery to Denmark is 5€

Cost of delivery to other EU countries is 10€

Order processing : 1-3 work days

This is the time I use to gather your order and if I need more time I will let you know forehand.

Estimated deliverytime in Germany: 1-5 work days Contact me ff you haven't gotten your package within 2 weeks.


Estimated international delivery time: 2-4 weeks Contact me if you haven't gotten your package within a month.

Write me here

Write anything you want and leave your email if you want me to contact you also


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